Puffer Jacket

How And Why To Choose A Puffer Jacket

Before deciding on a puffer jacket among the various options available in the winter apparel market, take into account the following factors. After all, there are a lot of variations in design and price points (from $80 to over $1500) to consider when navigating these waters, so a few pointers might make you feel both more comfortable and richer.

About Puffer Jackets

Petite lightweight puffer jackets often referred to as quilted jackets, are characterized by a distinctive quilted pattern with "puffy" patches in between the stitches. Depending on how well they are constructed and the caliber of the synthetic fibers used, they can be filled with either down insulation or synthetic fibers that can offer a high degree of warmth.

Despite being quite warm, puffer coats are frequently rather light—down-filled jackets tend to weigh a little bit more, so have that in mind. In contrast to materials like wool or leather, puffer jackets offer a special blend of warmth and airiness. For instance, our Jacket reduces bulk and weight while providing warmth in subfreezing temperatures.

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Puffer Jacket Insulation

As previously stated, down or synthetic down insulation is an option for these coats. Although they are both rather light, not all insulation techniques will offer the same degree of warmth. In general, a jacket filled with down will be warmer, although synthetic down can be relatively similar provided the producer has a solid understanding of insulating properties.

Since we at RefrigiWear have been preparing workers for below-freezing conditions for more than 70 years, we are aware that the air between the layers of your insulation plays a key role in forming barriers against the cold. Our premium quilted jackets maintain the loft of the synthetic fibers for an extended period, ensuring your jacket will continue to keep you warm even after years of use thanks to our exclusive synthetic insulation. Synthetic fiber insulation that is less expensive sometimes loses its loft over shorter periods of time, making you more susceptible to the cold.

How Stitching Affects Puffer Jackets Styles

The "puffs" of a puffer and stone wash denim jacket are the result of the insulating layer and sewing. While the most popular puffers are vertical and horizontal, we've discovered that diamond and other geometric forms offer a longer-lasting, better-fitting garment. Different fits and styles are possible with quilted motifs, which range in size from tiny diamonds to huge triangles. With a slimmer fit than typical puffers, our women's Pure-Soft Puffer Jacket has classic horizontal puffs.

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Warmth, Style and Quality

You could be hesitant to wear the puffer style because you believe it would be overly oversized and ugly. RefrigiWear provides quilted patterns in order to provide a fashionable fit that is both useful and protective. Our quilted puffer jackets are perfect for work or daily use since they are warm but lightweight, suitable for both cold and cool weather.

You will be happy with the quality of your RefrigiWear quilted jacket or the many years of wear you can get out of it since, like other RefrigiWear clothing, we developed our quilted puffer jackets with our understanding of hard-working circumstances.

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