Zing Apparel

Welcome to Zing Apparel - Your ultimate destination for Stylish and Premium quality apparel for winter. At Zing Apparel, we take pride in being your go-to online destination for high-end leather clothing. We have a diverse range of apparel for winter such as Leather Blazer, Leather Vests, Leather Jackets, Movie Jackets, Bike Jacket, Cotton Jacket and More. We have an exquisite variety of apparel for both Men and Women.



Full grain natural leather is selected and cut according to the pattern by our experienced craftsman. We offer a variety of sizes from XS to 4XL and customized fit to ensure the perfect fit and be yourself without adjusting on the defined sizes. To maintain uniqueness in the apparel, the cutting and stitching is done precisely with focus on the expression with finest details. 

The products are handmade therefore they exhibit the attention and time invested along with making it reasonable. The article passes from series of stages like trimming and treating followed by adding the best quality YKK zippers and buttons. The most important and final stage is the quality inspection to make the sure that the product accurately fulfills the clients demand. The process is done efficiently to save time and deliver our best to your doorstep. 

Zing Apparel has made the product reasonable by cutting middlemen and storefront costs. Our strategy is direct-to-customer approach and just-in-time production to effectively minimize the costs and offer up to date products. Online shopping makes it easier for the customers to approach to the best leather products with hassle free shopping through a store that delivers the best to its clients. To value this trust and prioritize customer satisfaction we work with dedication to maintain it.