How To Measure Your Jacket Size

On our size chart, you can easily measure your body, choose the right size and place your order. The sizing charts are always attached to the product pages, where you can also find additional information

If you want to buy a jacket for yourself or someone you dearly love but can't figure out the right size? We've got you covered!

Please see this size measure tutorial so you can buy a jacket that flatters your appearance.

Things to Note:

To ensure precise measurements for your jacket, you'll need a non-stretch measuring tape, paper, pen, and a friend's assistance.

Wear well-fitting pants and a snug T-shirt (without layers) for accurate results. Stand naturally, avoiding tummy tucks or thrusting.

  1. Neck: Measure neck by circling tape around it. Insert two fingers under tape for comfort.

  2. Shoulders: Place tape on left shoulder's edge, cross your neck's back, and end on the right shoulder.

  3. Sleeves: Start tape at shoulder's edge, guide it down your arm, ending at your wrist.

  4. Biceps: Measure fullest upper arm area with tape.

  5. Chest or Bust: Wrap tape around fullest chest/bust part. Keep tape level.

  6. Natural Waist: Find smallest waist area, typically above navel. Measure its circumference.

  7. Lower Waist: Measure the widest waist point, often near belly button or below.

  8. Center Back: Measure center back from neck/shoulder blade to waist/hemline.

  9. Hips: For longer jackets resting on hips, measure fullest part's circumference.

  10. Wrist: Measure wrist's narrowest point above wrist bone.

  11. Sleeve Inseam: Wear a jacket with proper sleeve length. Measure from armcye's inside edge to sleeve hem.

Ending Notes:

These steps offer accurate measurements for a well-fitting jacket. Always refer to sizing charts and their units. Jacket size charts often use inches in the US and cm in the UK and Europe. Check the relevant system before purchasing.